New and Updates

The Remixers 

I don't get to run sound very often, but it was such a pleasure running FOH for the very talented band The Remixers today at Zona ATV Park! 

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Feng Shui 

New studio coming along nicely@ New ISO room almost finished as well?! Thank you to the studio partners Dirk, Tim and John as well as Kassie and Shaid for their amazing help today. 

The Siren "Forever" 

Today was the release of the newly remastered, Jaymes Bullet as "The Siren" recordings. The Forever 5 song Extended EP is available now in Ltd Edition of 100, Red Vinyl ONLY, signed and numbered. I got to mastering engineer to this EP and I must say that it was an absolute pleasure to work with Ms. Bullet. I really can't wait to get mine!

Check out the teaser for the release and head over to to purchase your very own Ltd Edition Forever vinyl.

ZITA with Mark Mullins 

Completed tracking on the upcoming ZITA album, and now we are preparing for the mixing and mastering portion. Even had the honor of Mr. Mark Mullins of Bonerama in the studio killing the trombone! I enjoy working with these guys and can't wait for the results.

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Molly Ringwalds 

Tracking the new Molly Ringwalds album this weekend at the new studio! Got 10 songs in 2 days! It's been a long couple of days but the band killed it. Tracked the whole album live...vocals and all. Be on the lookout in the upcoming months. #jackmieleproductions #themollyringwalds #studiolife #studio