New and Updates

The Siren "Forever" 

Today was the release of the newly remastered, Jaymes Bullet as "The Siren" recordings. The Forever 5 song Extended EP is available now in Ltd Edition of 100, Red Vinyl ONLY, signed and numbered. I got to mastering engineer to this EP and I must say that it was an absolute pleasure to work with Ms. Bullet. I really can't wait to get mine!

Check out the teaser for the release and head over to to purchase your very own Ltd Edition Forever vinyl.

ZITA with Mark Mullins 

Completed tracking on the upcoming ZITA album, and now we are preparing for the mixing and mastering portion. Even had the honor of Mr. Mark Mullins of Bonerama in the studio killing the trombone! I enjoy working with these guys and can't wait for the results.

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Molly Ringwalds 

Tracking the new Molly Ringwalds album this weekend at the new studio! Got 10 songs in 2 days! It's been a long couple of days but the band killed it. Tracked the whole album live...vocals and all. Be on the lookout in the upcoming months. #jackmieleproductions #themollyringwalds #studiolife #studio

19th Moon 

Had such an amazing time working with Nigerian artist, "19th Moon". She just came in and slayed it on vocals at the studio. She is a completely independent singer and songwriter, who's music was so heartfelt and a pleasure to work on. My assistant engineer @country_music_producer and I tracked the entire album's vocals on the Aston "Origin" microphone and a Daking Mic Pre/EQ. I believe the results speak for themselves. Thank you to Moon and thank you to @astonmics and @geoffdaking for making such wonderful gear. 

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Tree Adams Music 

Today has been a great day. 

I am excited to announce that I will be teaming up with TV/Film composer. Tree Adams (NCIS New Orleans, Californication, Lethal Weapon) to mix his next album of original songs. Tree is an amazing talent and its a true pleasure to work with him.

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Ingrid Lucia 

I can honestly say, that there was a moment where I wondered if we would ever finish this album. The record overcame a lot of adversity and crossed many speedbumps in its path.  But Ms. Ingrid Lucia's determination to join me, and bring the album to fruition, only underscores the message of personal empoerment that exists within these songs. 

I am so very proud to have produced and mixed "Wanderlust". And with the help of Mr. Joe Causey of Voyager Mastering, the project is perfectly complete. 

Take a second and check out Ms. Lucia's new album "Wanderlust", available on all streaming platforms!

Studio Rescue 

On the way to the studio to work some tracks with ZITA, I found this handsome dog in the middle of the road. You could tell he was lost and scared. I couldn't just leave him so I decided to put him in the car and bring him to the studio with me.

The name on the collar was Paxton. He was the perfect studio dog. We enjoyed having him with us and by the end of the session he was back with his owner in a joyful reunion. A happy moment for all. 

Unfortunately for us , we were not able to get the dog's bark on the album.

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