News and Updates

Wrap Up 

Day 2 wrapped with Silver Dose. Amazing band and so much fun to work with. Great songs and great times. Thank you Kassie for your assistance and some pics from today! Here are some of the amazing companies that made the sounds on this album:

United Studio Technologies      Daking Audio   A-Designs Audio    John Dandry Custom Amplifiers   PEARLMAN MICROPHONES    Warm Audio


Silver Dose "Down The Land" 

Back in the producer's chair with the rock band Silver Dose working on some new material! Check out our last collaboration on their latest EP. "Down The Land". Available now on all streaming platforms!

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It's been an exciting morning!

The music website LANDR has added me to their Platinum tier network of Featured Artists. LANDR is a website that allows producers, engineers, etc to offer their services to their database of over 3million clients. I am ecstatic and honored to be listed so highly with other audio professionals that I've looked up to for so many years. If you have a moment, check out my profile and let me know what you think!

"Everyone Comes from Somewhere" 

Got to have a walk down memory lane this morning. I would like to take a second and say Happy 10 Year Anniversary to Jake Smith and his record "Everyone Comes From Somewhere'. I worked as an engineer at Fudge Recording Studios during these sessions. Brought back some good memories! 

Ford Motor Company 

Tracking jingles for the Ford Motor Company today at Columbia Street Studios with my favorite life and musical life partner Kassie!

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Guitar Overdubs 

Late night guitar overdubs with an amazing combo of gear. 1952 Gibson Es125, 1968 Gibson Skylark, Sennheiser MD441, to a Great River MP-500NV!

Honey Island Swamp Band 

What a great day at Columbia Street Studios recording my old friends Honey Island Swamp Band. This will make the 4th album we've worked on together. 

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"Big Thang" Emmy 

Back in 2010, I had the pleasure of performing on, engineering, mixing and mastering a song called "Big Thang" for the New Orleans Saints at my studio, Fudge. The song was written and produced by Greg Barnhill and the TV Promo for it was directed by Blaine Strawn. The TV promo ended up winning an Emmy and after 10 years I finally have a copy of the statue. I am so privileged to have been a part of this project and I'm so appreciative to Blaine and Greg for bringing me in on the project. They are both so brilliantly talented and I feel like we really caught lighting in a bottle on this project!